Conveyor Pulley Lagging 12mm

Pulley Lagging

Designed, developed and manufactured in Australia for the harsh conditions of all mining industries.

The MATOLAG has been develop for the easy application for in situ and pulley OEM installations.

The design and profile of the MATOLAG gives excellence in water drainage between the face surfaces on the pulley drum.

Reducing material build up was also a major design criteria for the MATOLAG; the profile of the MATOLAG reduces the buildup of foreign materials, which long term will reduce the cause of belt tracking and conveyor belt wear.

The MATOLAG is supplied in 6.5 metre rolls with a width of 250mm as standard; this reduces the wastage and allows easy stocking for all maintenance suppliers.

MATOLAG can be supplied in either natural rubber or FRAS for the underground mining industry as per AS 1334.10-1994.

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