• Link Specification

    A - Alloy steel - Case hardened, surface hardness RC 57min AD - Alloy steel - Through hardened (for higher U.T.S.) C - Carbon steel - Case hardened, surface hardness RC 57
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    Pin Specification

    Alloy steel - Case hardened, surface hardness RC 57 min. Effective case depth 0.6mm


    The Bolt N Go flight system is a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged and round link conveyor chain. Easy and simple assembly on site or in the shop Precise calculated flight bending forces No welding required Guaranteed and reliable pin attachment Condensed storage and shipping costs Forged chain and round link chain compatible Plastic flight option (high-density polyethene or nylon) Steel flight option (drop forged chain only)

    Chain Links, Flights, Sprockets and Trailers

    We have Primary Cleaning Systems to suit most applications and providing easy and effective maintenance of industrial equipment conveyor belt systems.

    Forged Chain Links

    Chain & Flight Systems

    Sprockets & Trailers

    Forged Chain

    4B drop forged chain is made of special heat treated alloy steel case hardened to Rockwell C57 with a ductile core hardness of Rockwell C40. Heat treating is a complex process that is done to provide the optimum chain link with a more fractured resilient ductile core for shock resistance, and an extremely hard exterior surface for superior wear resistance. 4B drop forged chain is backed by an international network of companies with over 120 years of experience, and a global team of engineers that can provide you with practical solutions for all your material handling applications.

    Drop Forged Chain

    Link and flight assembly are made easy by using a standard bolt and nut with a high strength hollow pin. There are no circlips to become loose and there is no intricate assembly. There is no welding required on the flights, no need to remove the chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength. Just bolt the links and the flights together. It’s easy, simple and reliable!
  • Forged Chain Links

    A complete line of drop forged conveyor chain and accessories in various sizes. Simple to use and robust, which is what your production line needs. For the Toughest Applications with Minimum Breaking Load Strengths of between 33,000 lbs. (150 kn) to 158,000 lbs. (700kn). Specifications
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    FEATURES: Minimum Breaking Load Strengths: Range from 33,000 lbs. (150 kn) to 158,000 lbs. (700kn) Availability:
    • Chain without flights - from stock
    • Chain with flights quick delivery

    Sprockets & Trailers

    Complete range of chain sprockets for your drop forged chains and roller conveyor chains conveyor system. We stock a wide range of sprockets to complement our extensive conveyor product range. Fabricated mild, alloy & stainless steel materials and hardened teeth for additional wear resistance with high load high wear applications. Developed to industrial standards and is available in a variety of technical specifications.


    • Most sizes from stock
    • Hubs machined to size and appropriate bore and keyway size
    • Fast delivery


    • Heat treated and machined to size with appropriate bore and keyway to customers specification
    • Fast delivery